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Meet the Team

Introducing Dan Upson, Events Planner


How long have your worked for Suzanne James Catering?

I started out working on events back in 2013 when I was registered with a staffing agency that Suzanne James uses! I must have done something right, because you kept asking to have me back, and then in November 2014 I was offered a position with the events team.

What do you do at SJHQ?

I am a trainee Event Planner (they call me the Pup as I am the youngest and most enthusiastic in the office)! I help with enquiries and preparing quotations & also regularly work on events, which is lovely as it means I still get to see many of the team that I worked with originally.

What do you love about your job?

Apart from the fabulous lunches, and the fact that the office is very close to the gym??!!!! I grew up not knowing what I wanted to do. But since I was discovered by Suzanne James I have obtained a real sense of direction. I have already learnt so much, and take great pride in that, and in my job as a whole. In an office that is full of - hmmmm how shall I say it? - middle aged women (ducks for cover) I believe I bring a refreshing new viewpoint and dimension, and hopefully more than the odd smile to their faces (flexes a bicep with a cheeky grin)!

What's your favourite food to eat?

One of our chefs - Colin - used to work at a Mexican chain so I’m pretty sorted as he quite often likes to break out the fajitas!

If you could dine with anyone, past or present who would it be?

Interesting question. Probably at the moment - Sue, because she has a brain for food, and it’s all about taste and presentation. Eating with her is always so interesting. I would love to go on a tour of her favourite restaurants with her and I can only dream of the knowledge and experience I could then share with our clients.

What did you do before you worked for Suzanne James Catering?

I was at university - I am actually finishing my 3rd year now, and am very lucky that the business is supportive of me finishing my course. I am set to graduate with a History Degree at the end if the year.

What do you like to do when you're not at work?

I’m always at work, university or the gym, which makes me sound a bit sad I know!

In your opinion what makes Suzanne James Catering different from other catering companies?

Experience and attention to detail that is not only taught to us by our incredible Event Managers but by Suzanne herself, who is frequently there on the largest, the smallest, and all the events in-between.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I would love to become an Event Manager eventually with my own portfolio of venues. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing a job through from start to finish, and knowing my clients and their guests are going home with happy, smiling faces.  I am so lucky to be supported in this goal with the wealth of experience around me, both in the office and when out on events.