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Keep it Local

We are proud of our status as not just a sustainable, but also an ethical caterer. Wherever possible we use small, independent businesses much like ourselves and believe it is vitally important to support one another, especially in the current economy.

This month we would like to introduce you to Jim Gant of Feed Your Elephant, who has just launched a new learning app called Decanter Know Your Wine.

Feed Your Elephant


1) Tell us about your business?

Feed Your Elephant is a ‘microlearning' business based locally to East Dulwich.  We produce learning apps for both consumers (via the App Store) and for Learning and Development within businesses.

2) What is microlearning?

We have a tendency to learn in big chunks, the science strongly suggests that bite-science learning (little and often) is much more effective.  Microlearning is a technique for spreading out our learning.


3) How does the app work?


The app uses a technique known as spacing.  It asks you questions about a subject and evolves its teaching based on your answers.  Whenever we learn a new piece of knowledge, our memory of it starts to fade according to a well known path known as the forgetting curve.  The app keeps your memory of each fact fresh by repeating questions at intelligently spaced intervals.  It adapts its pace to suit your profile and prior knowledge, releasing questions at an optimal rate that works for you.  It also prevents you from cramming and forces you to space your learning out by only allowing you to play in short bursts.

4) How long have you been in business?


Our first apps went live on the app store in 2016, our first L&D deployment within an organisation happened last year and our first partnership for consumers went live last week.

5) What sectors are you focused on?


There are three main strands to the business.  B2C (General interest apps for download), B2B (Apps to help businesses with internal L&D) and one we are calling B2B2C! - Our latest release is in this last category, a partnership with Decanter Magazine whose customers (in this case readership) have an interest in a specific subject matter.  The potential both in terms of sectors and subjects is very broad, any industry for which learning and development plays an important role, any subject where sufficient numbers of people have an interest in improving their knowledge.

6) What results have you achieved?


One of the most pleasing aspects of our experience in the business world has been the enthusiasm of the staff for this method of learning.  Our most recent deployment saw staff working through on average of over 200 questions a week with no external pressure applied, the outcome being that their knowledge of the business and products improved from an average of under 50% at the start to over 80% in just three weeks.  

7) How about the Decanter app?


The Decanter app went live very recently so we’ve very little data yet, we’ve had some reviews coming through and thus far they’ve all been 5* (unsolicited I might add!), which makes it all worthwhile.

8) Just for fun. Do you have any local 'food heroes’? We love to know about chefs, restaurants or even takeaways that you adore!


We are spoilt for choice around here!  We happen to live locally to the finest cafe in London - Norris and Knight on Forest Hill Road.  Ganipatti's definitely deserves a mention, both for the food and the atmosphere.  Our local pub the Watson’s General Telegraph has a fine selection of ales, and the best takeaway has to be Rosie’s fish bar near Goose Green, fabulous chips.

9) SJ Dessert Island Discs (Just for fun) - What 3 puddings would you take with you to your island?!!!


I’m a sucker for anything that involves marzipan, besides that my wife’s legendary apple crumble and of course one of Sue James’ vegan brownies!