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We are proud of our status as not just a sustainable, but also an ethical caterer.

Wherever possible we use small, independent businesses much like ourselves and believe it is vitally important to support one another, especially in the current economy.

This month we would like to introduce you to Jeremy & James who have opened The London Cat Clinic, we look forward to catering their launch party in a few days time!


The London Cat Clinic

T: 0203 740 1112


Facebook: TheLondonCatClinic


 1) Tell us about your business?

The London Cat Clinic is a brand new, purpose-built veterinary practice in the heart of Bermondsey catering exclusively for our feline friends.  It is the realisation of a three-year dream-in-the-making and we are incredibly excited about having transformed a shell of a building into a bright, state-of-the-art cat-only clinic. We have hired a great team of nurses and receptionists who are cat-crazy and we are ready to be here for your cat’s nine lives and counting!

2) It is such a great idea to have a cat only clinic, how did you come up with the idea?

I have progressively specialised in feline medicine and am passionate about the different health challenges of cats, from kittens to older cats in their retirement years.  I have seen so many clinics where cats are already stressed out by having to go the vets then also having to cope with inquisitive and barking dogs.  I believe cats are unique and they deserve a special place dedicated solely to their healthcare needs and a calm environment for their carers.  I spent some time in the US, where single-species practices are more popular and was convinced that there was a niche in London that was ready for the same. From that vision, The London Cat Clinic was born.

3) Where is The London Cat Clinic?

The Clinic is perfectly located in Spa Road in the fantastic Bermondsey Spa Regeneration area. It is on a quiet street which was really important so our feline-friends are not disturbed by heavy traffic roaring past. Owners have plenty of metered parking around the clinic and it is easy to get to by tube or by bus.

4) How long have you been working as a vet, where did you qualify? (to Jeremy, the vet).

Frighteningly, I qualified in New Zealand in 1997, which is where I am from.  I have been practicing continuously from that point, working in New Zealand, the UK and Hong Kong. I started off working with horses and then slowly made my way down in size to the finer species! As I fell more and more in love with cats, I took additional qualifications in feline medicine and am an RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Feline Medicine and a member of the International Society of Feline Medicine Academy of Feline Practitioners.  I have put study books to one side whilst I have got to grips with the intricacies of architectural design, air conditioning ducts and local planning regulations!

5) Do you plan to open more branches?

Ha ha ha! At this point in time…..No!! I have just about survived this project and I am looking forward to just focusing on cats and clients rather than contractors and carpenters. Ask me that again in 12-18 months’ time (my husband James says YEARS)!

6) Do you think you might expand to accommodate other animals?

Not a chance! Every other veterinary practice in central London caters for the ‘other’ animals. Cats are the ultimate control freaks who respond best in an environment that they control.  The London Cat Clinic caters to this by not having other animals to upset that environment.  Cats deserve a special place of their own and we have designed The London Cat Clinic with their needs in mind.

7) What has been the most exotic animal you have treated?

Most exotic was definitely the tiger cubs i treated when I first moved to the UK. A local wildlife park had problems with rearing the cubs so I was pulled in to provided neonatal care…. incredible. Not sure if we will have any tiger cubs in Bermondsey but we certainly won’t have any tortoises which was the most unusual patient I was asked to look at as the owner thought he was moving slower than normal! True story!

8) What is your favourite breed of cat?

Honestly, I really don’t have one. All their personalities are different, just like people.

9) (Just for fun) Do you have any local 'food heroes'? We love to know about chefs, restaurants or even takeaways that you adore!

We love eating out and Lordship Lane has many great places to choose from but Spinach is our favourite – fab service, great food – love it.

10) SJ Dessert Island Discs - what 3 puddings would you take with you to your island?!

Anything citrus, Crème Brule and Sticky Toffee Pudding.