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Keep it Local

We are proud of our status as not just a sustainable, but also an ethical caterer. Wherever possible we use small, independent businesses much like ourselves and believe it is vitally important to support one another, especially in the current economy.

This month we would like to introduce you to PROP Photo & GIF Booths.


Phone Number: 07738 558484


1) Tell us about your business?

We are PROP and we provide photo booths and GIF booths which are a little bit different! We cater to all kinds of events – weddings, birthday parties, charity balls and corporate events.

2) What area do you cover?

Most of the events we do are within Greater London but we do travel further afield – we travelled to deepest, darkest Shropshire earler in the year for a wedding!

3) How long have you been in business?

We launched in 2017 - it’s been a really fun few months!

4) What makes you differetn from other photo booth companies?

Our booths are completely open which we find works really well as it means we can fit into any space (within reason!) and you can get lots of people in front of the camera with hilarious results! The stand is handmade and we design all our backdrops and source props specifically for each event so you really are getting a unique product.  We spend a lot of time making sure our booths compliment the theme of the event and are an attractive focal point in themselves. We can also brand the booth which is ideal for events where the clients want to promote their business or a particular event.

5) Gif Booths seem to be the latest big thing - can you explailn what they are?

A GIF is a series of still images which are joined together to create a moving image. We really like using the GIF booth as it is amazing fun for everyone using the booth as well as everyone watching.

GIFs are ideal for social media as once you have taken your GIF we can email it to you immediately for you to upload to Instagram or Facebook and they look really cool. All the GIFs can be uploaded to social media and branded, so again it is a great way to promote an event or business.

6) You must have worked at a lot of different venues, what has been your favourite so far?

We were lucky enough to do a wedding earlier in the year in the conservatory at Syon Park which is absolutely stunning and because it is so light you get some gorgeous photos. It reminds me of the conservatory at the Horniman which is also extremely beautiful.

Another favourite is the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho - we were recently doing a corporate event in the basement which has a great vibe to it and a really striking tropical wall which was perfect as a back drop for our photobooth. It also has a bowling alley in it and who doesn’t love bowling...?

7) What is your favourite prop?

Hmmmm tough question! It’s got to be Brian the Bass – he’s always in demand. Even Piers Morgan wanted a piece of him (photo on left)!

8) Just for fun. Do you have any local 'food heroes’? We love to know about chefs, restaurants or even takeaways that you adore!

Too many! Our favourite breakfast place has to be St David's in Forest hill...they have an amazing corn fritter which we have most weekends and the best coffee around. Artusi in Peckham is a favourite – their pasta is awesome and they have a delicious selection of wines too.  We are lucky enough to live next to Bona in Forest Hill which serves the best pizza in South London in our opinion.

9) SJ Dessert Island Discs (Just for fun)- What 3 puddings would you take with you to your island?!!!

I can’t pass up chocolate torte and anything with ice cream (I have a very sweet tooth!) and can I say a cheese board? You can’t beat it.