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Eat the Seasons - February 2015

Fruit, Nuts & Fungi
Apples, Chestnuts, Pears (late – Concorde, Doyenne du Comice, Conference and Winter Nellis), Rhubarb (forced), Walnuts
Vegetables & Herbs
Jerusalem Artichokes, Beetroot, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Celeriac, Celery, Chicory, Kale, Leeks, Parsnips, Potatoes, Swede, Turnips.
Meat & Game
Duck, Guinea Fowl, Hare, Partridge, Venison
Fish & Shellfish
Brill, Clams, Cockles, Haddock, Halibut, Hake, John Dory, Lemon Sole, Monkfish, Mussels, Oyster, Plaice, Turbot

Going out of season
Cabbage, Cauliflower, Forced Rhubarb, Goose, Horseradish, Jerusalem Artichoke, Leek, Parsnip, Rhubarb, Swede, Truffle

At last the frosts have arrived which means this is the very best time to be enjoying root vegetables – Parsnips, Jerusalem Artichokes, Swedes, Salsify and Scorzonera will be at their best now!  Onions are absolutely fantastic at this time of year too and packed with goodness.  Try them baked whole and stuffed with cheese and bacon, or slice them into shreds, fry to a golden tangle and add them to a tart on meat free Monday! There will be a good selection of crabs at the fishmongers this month, and rock oysters too, and if you like your game then make sure you make the most of the last of the venison before the season finishes.


Things will be warming up soon, despite the freezing temperatures(!), with the approach of both Valentines Day and the release of Fifty Shades of Grey at cinemas from the 13th of the month, but guess what?  We can go one better and provide 50 Canapés by Gra….ham at any time of the year!!

With romance in the air we thought it would be naughty (but nice) to share a fantastic canapé recipe with you….one that is bound to tempt your taste buds, leaving you sighing in pleasure and licking more than just your lips!


1 Small baguette cut into 1.5cm slices

¼ Cup Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tomato Topping

500g ‘Popped’ cherry tomatoes (halved)

½ Banana shallot (diced)

1 Tbsp red wine vinegar

Turn of Sea Salt

A Generous grind of Black Pepper

1 Sprig Thyme

Toasted pine nuts to garnish

Whipped Goats Cheese

70g Beaten goats cheese (Chevin)

70g Mascarpone beaten with goats cheese


1. Make Crostini by cutting bread, drizzle with oil and toast in the oven for 4-6 minutes.

2. Make the topping by cutting cherry tomatoes in half, toss in vinegar, salt, pepper and thyme

3. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes to marinade in the dressing

4. Bind the goats cheese and the mascarpone together with a wooden spoon, spatula or paddle!

5. When you are ready to please your guests, assemble;

Crostini, on top of which spread the cheese mix, then layer up with tomatoes and finally finish with the toasted pine nuts!